Are You Paying for Your R&D or Is Your R&D Paying You?

The SR&ED Tax Incentive Program supports research and development (R&D) projects in Canada. This lucrative tax incentive program is not limited to high technology companies, although most manufacturing and technology companies would qualify to at least some extent. Any company may have a project that would qualify for the SR&ED program, which could be anything from improving the capabilities of an existing device to developing a new tool or piece of equipment. 

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Medical and Disability-Related Expenses

There are many deductions and tax credits available for medical expenses in general, and persons with disabilities in particular. If you care for an infirm family member, you may qualify for the Caregiver or Family Caregiver amount.

The most common medical expenses overlooked are travel expenses. If you have to travel over 40km one way for medical care, you may be able to claim medical travel expenses.

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